7 Things You Can Do for Successful Treatment

1. Clean Your Teeth and Braces

It’s  more  important  than  ever  to  keep  your  teeth  clean  when  you’re  wearing  braces.  We  recommend  that  you   use  the  following  tools:

  • Toothbrushes (both the manual and power kind)
  • Fluoride toothpaste
  • Fluoride rinse
  • Dental floss
  • Interproximal brush – It’s a tiny, disposable brush that’s small enough to slip under the archwire of your braces. The brush helps you remove plaque and food particles, and reach spots between teeth and brackets.
2. Follow Instructions

If you need to wear rubber bands, retainers and/or any other fixed or removable orthodontic appliances such as biteplates, headgear or a facemask, be sure to closely follow the doctor’s advice on proper use.

3.   Maintain Scheduled Appointments

Your  appointments  are  part  of  the  plan  that the doctor  has  designed  to  take  you  through  all  the  stages  of  orthodontic   treatment.  Sometimes  we  need  a  short  appointment  for  very  small  adjustments.  On  other  occasions  we  need   to  make  major  changes  in  your  appliances.  That’s  why  every  scheduled  appointment  is  an  important  part  of   your  treatment.

4. Show Up On Time for Appointments

Your appointments are set aside just for you. Please be considerate of our other patients who are also expecting to be seen on time. This will ensure that the doctor has the time he needs to give everyone the proper treatment without unnecessary delays.

5. Wear a Mouthguard (If You Play Sports)

 The  American  Dental  Association  says  you’re  60  percent  more  likely  to  have  an  injury  while  playing  sports   when  you  don’t  wear  a  mouth  guard.  Protect  your  face  and  your  braces  —  an  injury  to  your  face  could  damage   your  braces  and  orthodontic  appliances.

6. Avoid Certain Prohibited Foods

Stay away from hard, sticky, brittle, and crunchy foods while you’re wearing braces. Also, slice raw vegetables and fruits into bite-sized pieces and don’t chew on ice cubes.

7. Inform Us About Loose or Broken Appliances

If something is loose or broken, please call during office hours to make an appointment to come in to have it repaired as soon as possible. It’s best not to wait until your next appointment. Place any piece that comes off in an envelope and bring it with you. Please  let  us  know  in advance what  is  loose  or  broken  so  we  could  reserve  the   appropriate  amount  of  time  for  the  repair.

We’re sure that if you follow the above steps, you’ll do great and end up with a beautiful, healthy smile!

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