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Implants & Dentures

Dental implants are simply small titanium cylinders placed into the jawbone to support replacement teeth. These titanium dental implants fuse with your bone and provide a permanent anchorage for a prosthetic reconstruction which looks and feels like a natural tooth. More than 800,000 patients have received implants around the world since 1965 and the first implant patient still has them today.

Dental implants are metal posts that are surgically placed in the bone under your gums. During a healing period, the bone grows around the implant. Then a replacement tooth, or crown, is attached to the metal post, giving you a restoration that is a lot like your natural tooth. Implants also can be used to secure bridges and dentures when more than one tooth is missing.

Benefits of Implants

The alternative to dental implants is full or partial dentures. As the denture is not attached directly to the bone, the jawbone will shrink and this may result in slight rocking or slippage of the denture, which can be uncomfortable. Additionally, with dentures there may be exposed nerves and gum tissue which will add to the discomfort. By attaching the prosthetic tooth directly to the jawbone, dental implants avoid these issues entirely. Moreover, once the implant has been placed, the bone thinks that there is a real tooth there and shrinkage of the bone is stopped. This preserves the bone mass of your jaw, which in turn ensures that your facial profile remains unaffected. In some cases, the implant can actually reverse bone loss by transferring pressure through the tooth and strengthening the bone.

Most importantly, dental implants can improve your quality of life in myriad ways:

Because the implants fuse to the jawbone and offer a secure base for the replacement teeth, some patients find this a comfortable option in restoring their smile. In many cases, implant-supported teeth may look and feel more like natural teeth.

Implant Requirements and Next Steps

Successful implant candidates need to meet a few criteria:

If you are interested in implants or other restorative procedures, the first step is to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists. During this appointment the dentist will examine your condition and provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan. Our dentists would be happy to evaluate your case and discuss your options with you, so make an appointment for a consultation today!

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